Swiss Wines in the Philippines

Fine wines from the smooth hills of Wilchingen, Schaffhausen

The Thomfix Team

The Thomfix team in our Dichter-Chäller (Poet's-Cellar), Chedz, our storage girl, Thom who grew up in the Canton of Schaffhausen, Marfe, the president of ThomFix Inc. and wine enthusiast, Stephanie our import lady and wine lover and Pia, our Accountant who is after wine and money. (from left to right)

The Dichter-Chäller (the poets cellar), named after our "Dichterwii" can accommodate up to 12 people, but most important, it accommodates more than a thousand bottles of fine wines. 

Wilchingen, Schaffhausen


2001 the winery Rötiberg was founded by local winegrowers. The name Rötiberg was taken from the sunniest vineyards of the smooth hills in Wilchingen, the Wild West of Schaffhausen.

Our Partner Team

The young and innovative team of Rötiberg in the attire of our Dichterchäller.

The Rötiberg Team do not make wine, they create wine and can be and are proud of their creations.

The knowledge and perseverance of this young team and wine enthusiast's encourages us to share the passion for Rötiberg wines with the Philippines.

Never take your work home, unless you work in a WINERY